Nature & Activities

Crystal clear swimming bays, gorgeous snorkelling reefs, coastal forests, soft sandy beaches, grasslands, bush and shimmering lakes make this an unforgettable retreat. It is the ideal place to discover one of the last unspoilt and undeveloped wilderness beaches left on the African continent..

Snorkelling & Diving

Mabibi offers superb snorkelling opportunities with a great diversity of underwater seascapes and marine flora and fauna. The shallow reefs along this protected stretch of coastline are home to an array of brilliant sub-tropical fish including moorish idols, parrot fish and blue surgeons.

The  warm waters of the Indian Ocean make this the ideal spot to snorkel.


Birding at Mabibi and its surrounds is excellent and the variety of habitats attracts a great diversity of species. A bird species list native to the area is available on request.

Fishing & Spearfishing

The Maputuland coastline is renowned as one of South Africa’s most popular fishing destinations. Guests can try their hand at surf fishing or fly-fishing. Hulley Point at Mabibi, is a well-known fly-fishing spot. The enthusiastic angler can experience the thrill of bagging the catch of a lifetime from these brilliant waters.

Turtle Tours

There are a number of different turtles found off the coast of Maputuland but only two of these lay their eggs on the Maputuland coast: the leatherback and loggerhead turtles. Mabibi Beach Camp is the perfect place to experience these magical creatures up close. There are many local, knowledgeable guides who can assist with turtle tours.

We Encourages Guests To “Catch & Release”

Please obtain fishing permits from your nearest post office as they are not available at Mabibi Beach Camp.
The closest place to obtain a fishing permit is at Manzengwenya Ranger Station.

The fine for not having a permit is R1000.00 (Please have the permit on you while you are fishing.)
iSimangaliso Wetland Park does not permit any launching of any water vessel/craft off Mabibi Beach.